About Us

Providing Gold Coast parties and events with the biggest and best sound and lighting systems!

Formed in early 2011 by DJ's slash entrepreneurs Alix Curtin and Brendan Blake, Digital Revolution prides itself on providing top notch audiovisual equipment and DJ services to parties and events across the Gold Coast.

We both recognised the need for a business that could provide a wide range of party and event related audiovisual services, from even the most basic sound and lighting systems for those who want something more than an iPod dock or home theater system all the way through to those who want the equivalent of a festival in their backyard - the biggest and best sound and lighting available.

After almost one and a half years of doing what we do, we've worked at private parties and events in every suburb of the Gold Coast, from Coolangatta to Southport and beyond, as well as in Brisbane and the Northern Rivers of NSW. Because we offer such a wide range of completely customisable packages, our customers are able to hire a system that suits both the size of their event, and most importantly, their budget.

The result? A fully immersive lighting and sound experience with music that you and your guests actually want to hear, all at an affordable and fair price.

Parties + Events

From start to finish - we ensure your party has the best equipment and the best music, for the best price.

Our Packages

We are currently in the process of upgrading our packages with new and powerful equipment that provide even greater value for money. In the meantime, if you have any inquiry about costs, please head on over to our Contact Us page and drop us a message!

Additional Services

We offer a variety of event related services - find out more about them below
  • No party or event is complete without someone to keep the music flowing and your guests entertained, and our DJ's are experienced in playing a wide range of different genres for a variety of different audiences.

    • All of our packages include DJ services for a predetermined number of hours - generally speaking this is 4 hours.
    • Extra hours can be included at a rate of $50 per hour.
    • We welcome requests from our customers both prior to the event and during the night - however as much as we try, sometimes its impossible to play every single song thats requested, and our customers understand this.
  • Sure, iPhones and throwaway cameras seem like a good idea on the night, but we all know the feeling of waking up the next day to a phone full of dark, blurry snaps.

    • We always have a camera with us at every event, however we never guarantee that we'll have time to get out amongst the crowd
    • We offer photography services as an add on to any package that guarantees a professional photographer taking a variety of shots all night, ask us about it when you're making a booking!
    • Should you choose to use our photographer, we provide you with a CD of every photo taken on the night to do with as you please. Otherwise, all photos taken by us are uploaded to our Facebook page within a day or two of your party or event.
  • Choosing a venue for your next party or event isn't always the easiest job, especially if you plan on inviting underage guests. Unless you're lucky enough to have a house suited to huge parties, you're probably going to have to look elsewhere for the perfect venue, that's where we come in!

    • There are HEAPS of different obstacles to overcome when looking for a venue, from safety regulations (number of guests/size of venue), to licensing laws (most taverns and clubs will unanimously lock their doors the moment you mention underage guests!) and many more
    • We've managed to build strong relationships with venues up and down the Gold Coast, meaning we can find a venue suited to your party or event, and source you the best possible price while we're at it.
    • Don't forget everything else that comes with hiring a venue, including food and beverage packages and decorations, we can work with you to ensure all your party and venue requirements are met (as well as ensuring our own audiovisual requirements can be managed) - which in the end leads to less stress, and more fun come the night of your party!

Sound + Lighting

Whatever the size of your party, we have a sound and lighting system to suit.

Our Equipment

We have a huge range of sound and lighting equipment, which means all of our packages are completely customisable! Note: We are currently in the process of organising photos of our massive amount of equipment, so stay tuned for more!

Contact Us

Questions? Comments? Want to hire us? Send us an email and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!

Custom made solutions

While our variety of packages suit most occasions, we are always happy to create a customised package that is specific to your party or event. Whether its a more powerful system for a larger event, or a more subdued package for special events like weddings or corporate events, simply contact us and let us know your exact requirements and we'll tailor make a package to suit!

Postal Address

Broadbeach, Queensland 4218


0422 834 390
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